Do you have a solution for a problem? You can make some money!!

The key to a successful business is to offer clients something that they need, or at least think they need. There are many “problems” out there in the world, and around you, that actually has simple solutions. Start looking around and you will see them. When you see a problem and find a solution then you can start putting it into a business idea and eventually into practice.

This is what we do at Intelliplan! There are many brilliant people with awesome  business ideas and concepts, but they battle to write in good English, or they cannot communicate their idea to funders and investors. We have that skill and can solve that problem, so we can work together to get you an intelligent plan to submit to an intelligent funder. Let us help you with this, don’t waste your time on online business plans, we rewrite many of these for people who already tried. Just skip the pain and call or email us.

You are the master of your destiny!

Yes, you are the master of your destiny! If you are going to make some money, it will be up to you. Many people have beliefs that hinder them from being successful in business.

Some of these beliefs are;

  • that someone else will “assist” me to make money, or go out of their way to bring me clients or stock
  • an outside force will “supernaturally” bless my business and make it work
  • that people owe me something

Many people are looking for hand-outs from the government, or from someone who supposedly took something from them, but these people will never get ahead in life. No one owes you anything. Yes, the government is giving money for business development and if you can get your hands on that then do so, but with a clear plan and a solid strategy to multiply that money.

There are many principles and factors involved in making a business successful. You cannot expect to ignore these principles and expect to be successful just because a “higher power” will bless your business and make it work. If you sell the wrong products in the wrong place you will not sell anything, you missed your market. If you sell your products too expensive, no one will buy. If you sell too cheap you will not make a profit. These are natural laws in business that you cannot just violate and expect to be successful.

Okay, so you see, don’t wait for hand-outs and don’t wait on “divine” intervention. Go do it with your own intellect and energy. God designed us to have intellect and that is our biggest “capital”. We can create by imagining and bring it into being by doing. Yes, God will help you, but not if you are going to sit there waiting for Him. He gave you the authority over your own life and He does not bypass that authority by doing everything for you.

So, get up and smell the coffee! There is money to be made here, now, by you.

Go read about some business ideas, look at what others are doing and start building your own idea. Once you have the idea, we can assist you to formulate it intelligently into a business plan that will be enticing to funders.

Are you an Entrepreneur ?

If you think you are an entrepreneur, then I want to encourage you to take the leap with a new business, even if it is small and will only make a bit of money. The rules for making money are the same, no matter what the size of the turn-over. We are all bound by the same principles of finding products/services that people want or need and bring these within reach of the right people at the right price and having good management and admin. There you go, business training in a nutshell.

I find so many people have ideas, but never actually go over into doing something about it. The graveyard is a very rich place as so many people have gone to their graves with their ideas still in their heads. Come on, make this world a better place. Bring your idea out in the open and bless humanity with it.

The other aspect of this is not to ignore the principles. They do apply to you as much as to the next person, no matter what your colour, race, religion or hairstyle is. You have to follow the rules to win.

Let us help you with this. Send us an email and we can maybe chat on skype to help you with some of your ideas.

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